Hydraulic presses and hydraulic servo presses

for every requirement!

Together with our joint venture partner MS-Hydraulik, we have been active in the field of hydraulics, stamping and forming technology for over 20 years.

The resulting years of know-how flow continuously into the development and implementation of our new hydraulic presses and into the revision of existing systems upon customer request.

All of our hydraulic presses are developed and constructed in Germany. The specially developed and safe software for the PLC and user interface (touchscreen) of our presses is Made in Germany and comes from our own company.

With an easy-to-use interface that is easy to use and self-explanatory, we allow our customers to run the local language on our systems, depending on the operator. Optional up to three languages ​​are possible and other languages ​​on request.

Our standard range of model types includes C-frame, H-frame and 4-column presses.

Special designs such as portal presses and other model types are also possible on request.

Machine printing capacities from 60 t to 5.000 t are standard for us. However, under 60 t and over 5.000 t (max. Up to 10.000 t) can also be realized. We can also implement a wide variety of customer requests with regard to the dimensions of the table sizes. All our machines are equipped with light curtains and two-hand control ex works.

Our servo presses can save up to 60% of energy savings, unlike traditional presses, which reduces environmental impact and allows our customers to benefit from government subsidies.

By using our efficient hydraulics, self-sufficient cooling is unnecessary in many cases, since the oil we use does not generate any frictional heat, since, for example, pressure cartridges (only as a safety module), pressure limiting valves and proportional directional control valves are not used in servo technology.

For the construction of our presses, we have reliable and quality-conscious suppliers in Italy and Turkey, who build our frames and frames according to our quality requirements and criteria, which enables us to offer our customers a good price-performance ratio.

Another of our strengths is special machine construction, where we develop and implement a wide variety of customer-specific complete systems according to customer requirements.

All our presses have a CE mark and comply with the latest European occupational safety standards.

Whether hydraulic servo presses or normal hydraulic presses, optionally with die cushions or other extras, we are able to respond to all specific customer requirements and realize the best possible machine concept, taking into account all the technical requirements for your components and economic aspects for your production.

With our trained service staff, we also offer the subsequent on-site technical service during the warranty period as well as afterwards.

Our hydraulic presses are already successfully used in the fields of automotive, aerospace, railway technology, medical technology, industrial technology and consumer goods in cold and hot forming, forging technology and casting technology.

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Our hydraulic presses and hydraulic servo presses are already successful today

used in the following production processes:


cold forming


hot forming


forging technology


casting technology

And already produce successfully in the following industrial sectors:




Aerospace Logistics


railway engineering


Medical Technology


industrial technology


Consumer Goods

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