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In the automotive industry as well as in all other industrial sectors, the future requirements for component cleanliness are increasing. The cleaning of components in production is becoming more and more a value-adding process, since the cleanliness of a workpiece has meanwhile developed into a decisive quality feature.

To ensure the technical cleanliness requirements of our customers, we use state-of-the-art solvent cleaning systems of the latest generation from Ecoclean from the EcoCcore model series for industrial parts cleaning.

This enables us to implement the high quality requirements of our customers' components, from simple degreasing and cleaning with subsequent preservation (including with anti-corrosion oil) to technical fine cleaning with residual dirt requirements.

Our systems can be operated with modified alcohol (including DOWCLENE 1601) or hydrocarbons.

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Additional high-performance filter elements, full flow and bypass filtration and a reinforced ultrasonic device that can be optionally activated during the cleaning process enable high-quality cleaning of the components.

After the cleaning process, the components are completely dried by vacuum drying and, depending on the requirements and the material, are additionally preserved with anti-corrosion oil.

The loading of the washing baskets into the system takes place fully automatically via an automated loading system, which enables us to guarantee economical implementation of small, medium and large series.

The maximum basket size is 670 x 480 x 400 mm with a maximum batch weight of 200 kg.

On request, we can also carry out upstream production processes such as mechanical processing on 4-axis CNC machining centers, thread cutting work, sandblasting and vibratory grinding or downstream processes such as 100% control, leakage tests and more on the components in our own in-house production .


After the components have been washed, appropriate packaging is also an important aspect, particularly for finely cleaned components with residual dirt requirements. That is why the components cleaned by us after the cleaning process within the clean room area are properly and cleanly packed in the customer-specific special packaging provided for this purpose in accordance with the customer's requirements in order to prevent renewed contamination.

In order to guarantee the cleanliness requirements for the components we have cleaned, we work with external laboratories that carry out residual dirt analyzes on our cleaned components in accordance with VDA 19 / ISO 16232.

  • 3-tank solvent system which can be operated with modified alcohol (including DOWCLENE 1601) or hydrocarbons
  • Vapor degreasing
  • ultrasonic cleaning
  • Vacuum drying
  • Preservation (including with anti-corrosion oil)
  • Additional high-performance filter elements for even better cleanliness results
  • Frequency converter controlled rotary drive for the washing baskets
  • Automatic basket lid
  • Continuous oil discharge
  • Fully automatic loading of the washing baskets into the system
  • Maximum basket size 670 x 480 x 400 mm
  • Maximum batch weight 200 kg

We offer the following

Cleaning options:


Removal of polar dirt such as emulsion and salts


Removal of oils and fats


Removing and loosening adhering particles such as chips, flakes, metal abrasion and dust

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